All-American Manliness: Florida

Today’s hunky men were born in Florida.  Therefore, I could have chosen Vanilla Ice and even Janet Reno.  However, I chose to pick from the way-back files for a couple of rockers that have since passed on:  Ronnie Van Zant and Jim Morrison.  I wouldn’t describe them as having “all-American, clean-cut” manliness.  I’m choosing them more for their places in rock history.  Having that kind of impact on the music industry, to this day, means they were hot in their day and continue to inspire and entertain.  (I’ve included a favorite from each; just click on the name of each band.)

Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Jim Morrison of The Doors

These two men had very distinctive voices in bands with equally distinctive sounds.  Both were very talented and gone too early in their lives.


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