Caption Contest

Come up with a witty and fun caption for this picture.  I will post winners Tuesday.  Have a great weekend!

THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.  Wyatt Earp:
Trying to capitalize on The Obamessiah’s miracles, Joe Biden tries to part The Red (State) Sea.

5.  Jim – PRS: Speaking at his Mime School graduation ceremonies, Joe Biden demonstrates that “stuck in an invisible box” thing.

4.  Maggie Mama: Biden was so shocked when Palin brought her moose gun to the VP debate that he decided to surrender immediately.

3.  KVC: “I am not the Messiah, Just the one who comes before Him. I am not worthy of tying his shoes.”

2.  Les James: I say arise! Get up from that wheelchair and be healed!

This week’s winner is…
1.  Jeffro: “I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of Hair Club for Men.”

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17 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Biden thought he would appeal to the younger crowd by singing a Hannah Montana hit… “Nobody’s perfect. You live and you learn it. ‘Cause everybody makes mistakes. Nobody’s perfect.”

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  3. OK, Jeffro wins hands down.
    Wadda ya mean Les stole yer idea, FIAR?
    The best idea you ever had was “gee, I guess I’ll have another beer”. and RT said…”no your not, young man.”

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